We do offer complimentary services to qualifying visitors, but we do not offer cash advances or airline tickets.

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Message from Jessica Lani Rich
President & CEO, Travelers Aid of Honolulu

It is an honor to serve as the President and CEO of Travelers Aid of Honolulu. We are deeply grateful to our Board of Directors and our dedicated staff and volunteers who are committed to serving travelers. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and most travelers leave the islands with wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

The slogan of Travelers Aid International is “A Helping Hand Along the Way.” In Hawaii, we call that helping hand “the Aloha Spirit.” We are happy to provide assistance to travelers who are thousands of miles away from home. We are grateful to our partners in the tourism industry, such as state agencies, hotels, restaurants, visitor attraction companies, and many more who contribute in-kind donations to our visitors. We welcome travelers to this place that we call “paradise” and hope that they have an enjoyable and wonderful experience in our beautiful islands.

Jessica Lani Rich
President & CEO, Travelers Aid of Honolulu

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